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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  October 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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south and west of town. high about 72 degrees. had some showers yesterday evening, especially north of d.c. where it's coming down pretty good for a while. even a rumble of thunder. this morning moisture south of roanoke trying to get toward lynchburg and roanoke. that's the moisture we'll have to watch for late this afternoon. 43 winchester. frederick 45. 52 at andrews. on the bay in annapolis 57. fog has been a problem north and west of town this morning with visibilities in westminster down a half mile. northern shenandoah valley quarter mile or less. so watch out for that. a dense fog advisory for you guys north and west till 10:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. monika is off. beverly farmer, happy monday to you. happy monday but not if you're traveling out of frederick county. southbound lanes of 270 impacted by the crash that actually happened northbound in high yachts sewn. northbound is on the far -- hyattstown. northbound is on the far left of your screen. the volume is southbound. delays leaving 85 through
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urbana carry you pass the crash looking at what's going on. you can see the flashing lights make it even harder for the 270 travelers. traveling in 066 eastbound delays getting in toward manassas, centreville with separate slowdowns. as you head in toward falls church, more volume there but all lanes are open 066 into the beltway -- open on 66 into the beltway. if you travel northbound on 95, the slowest ride has still been getting up to quantico through woodbridge and northbound 95 on to 395 lieu landmark seeing -- through landmark seeingmore volume. finally branch road in northwest near blair road, westbound or inbound lanes shut down with tree and wires across the roadway. next timesaver traffic at 6:11. back to you. they've been gone for a few months but the occupy protesters are back. their goal today is to make life a mess along k street. >> today marks the one-year anniversary of the occupy movement coming here to d.c. kristin fisher is live at farragut square.
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when will things begin to heat up, kristin? >> reporter: we think they should be getting started right around 7:00. that's when protesters are planning on meeting here. then sometime after 7:00, they're going to start one of two protests planned for today along k street. there's two of them. one is shut down k street. the other is storm k street. the one that's going to be leaving from right here in farragut square again should be taking place sometime after 7:00 a.m. but protesters are being kind of tight lipped about exactly where they're going and when they're leaving because they want to try to keep an element of surprise because they have to deal with d.c. police, u.s. park police, and what they're going to be targeting are a lot of the usual suspects. let's take a look at them right now. we're talking about 30 different banks, businesses and government agencies all along the k street corridor. goldman sachs, freddie mac, american bankers association, the imf, department of justice. for people who work at those
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places, you know what you'll be dealing with. these are the kind of demonstrations we all saw one year ago. it's exactly a year ago today that d.c. occupy protesters first started camping out in mcpherson square. they lived there for about four months before finally getting kicked out by u.s. park police. we can expect to see them back for what they're calling a week of resistance starting with the protests here on k street this morning. as i said, they're not out here yet but you know they're coming. occupy k street twitter feed retweeted this picture. it read the finishing touches are being put on the occupy d.c. one-year anniversary as it shows somebody paintdzing one of those imfannous -- painting one of those infamous signs. we don't know how much it will disrupt traffic but there are likely to be lots of folks out here during the morning commute. be prepared. plan a few extra minutes because it likely is going to
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get pretty congested down here around farragut square, mcpherson square and freedom plaza. >> kristin fisher with the live update from farragut square in northwest washington this morning. a virginia man charged with the shooting inside the family research council goes before a judge today. police say 28-year-old floyd lee corkins ii shot and wounded a security guard at the rfc headquarters in august. the guard disarmed and held corkins for police. authorities believe corkins carried out the shooting because of the rfc's conservative views. this morning the faa will resume its investigation into a single plane crash in virginia. it killed the pilot and his teenage son. authorities have identified the victims as 48-year-old john and 13-year-old kyle morton of stafford, virginia. the father was conducting takeoffs and landing and something went wrong. residents of the mobile home park were out enjoying a fall evening when the plane came
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down. >> my two nephews, my niece, all their friends are playing in this cul-de-sac. it could have been so much worse. >> the pilot avoided hitting any homes. no one on the ground was hurt. 2,000 american service men and women have now died in the war in afghanistan. the fighting began just about 11 years ago and two americans died in a firefight over the weekend. drew levinson reports this may have been the latest of the insider attacks against the united states. >> reporter: thk weekend marked a deadly -- this weekend marked a deadly milestone in afghanistan. 2,000 american soldiers killed since the war began nearly 11 years ago. it happened in a check point in the eastern part of the country. one american soldier and american contractor and three afghan soldiers were killed in a firefight. >> the circumstances were somewhat confused. there was a report of insurgent
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firing taking place in this incident which we believe may have been a factor. >> reporter: nato did not say whether this was another in a series of insider attacks where afghan security forces turned on coalition troops. the so-called green on blue attacks have left at least 52 international forces dead this year. the u.s. commander in afghanistan told 60 minutes lara logan he's angry some afghan troops have turned on americans who trained them. >> i'm mad as hell to be honest with you. we're willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign but not willing to be murdered for it. >> reporter: the attacks also frustrate afghan's president amad karzai. >> these attacks are sad. it's something i have discussed in detail, something that i take responsibility to correct. >> reporter: these incidents are a serious threat to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. drew levinson, cbs news.
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>> joint operations between u.s. and afghanistan forces resumed recently after being suspended two weeks ago. most american troops are scheduled to be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. today the power plant in alexandria, virginia right on the potomac river will officially shut down. it's known as the potomac river generating station. for years it -- [indiscernible] under a deal, they agreed to shut down the plant today. it should alleviate environmental concerns in the area. well, so far this morning, redskins kicker billy cundiff still has a job. >> but he missed three field goals in yesterday's game against the buccaneers but he made the most important one. >> 41 yards out. what is going through his mind after missing three? getting it through the uprights. that's what. redskins win 24-23.
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they survive and improve to 2- 2. our time right now is 6:08. in four minutes we'll meet two female entrepreneurs. they want to share the secrets to their success. >> a sunny start for the day. you might want to grab the umbrella for this afternoon. howard has the weather first straight ahead. >> when it comes to cities in america, we're number three as the third best city in america based on the economy, crime, education and leisure. the only cities above it, san francisco and seattle. >> arlington comes in at 27. baltimore 29th on the list. virginia beach and chesapeake, virginia make the top 50.
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welcome back. howard here with your weather first. we've got patchy fog west of town. we may see a little sun early but look for clouds to rule today. by noon mostly cloudy, 67. with luck we'll crack into the low 70s. some staying in the upper 60s there. will be a few showers around for the afternoon commute, especially west of town. i'll be back in just a few minutes with the rest of the week's forecast. traveling northbound on 395, you're slow coming past edsall road. takes you past duke street. the accident moved on to the right shoulder just before seminary road. also looks like some debris on the left side. notice how folks are jogging out of the left lane on to the shoulder in the same location. after that free and clear to the 14th street bridge. jessica, back to you. ladies, do you think you have what it takes to start a
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company? well, the two women sitting with me right now did just that after meeting on a soccer field. we have gabriel and monica. they started the handbag company company. thank you for joining us. we want to hear how you got together and started this company. >> we were sitting on the soccer field. our daughters were going into cundz garten so we with -- kindergarten so we obviously watched them practice. we had a need. all the bags we were carrying had no pockets and they weren't cute. so we designed a bag that had a place for everything to put your phone, your keys, your lipstick but also at the same time we created an opportunity for women to have their own company in the direct sales market where they can sell our bags and have their own company at the same time. >> starting a company definitely not an easy process, even if you have a great idea
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and great looking bags and an inspiring message that they can go out and do direct sales and make some money off something they love. what are the bigger secrets of your success? what have you found as a result of the process in. >> it's been planning our work and working the plan. every day we get up and look 30 feet in front of us and we don't get bogged down with the big picture, although we have the plan for it. but then it's one step in front of the other every day and it's just execute. really you have to have the passion at the same time. that's what gets up in the monk and keeps you going because you're going to encounter ups and downs every day but just always execute every day and you will get there. >> do you think there is a difference for women versus men when it comes to entrepreneurship? >> do you think there's bigger hurdle or smaller hurdle when it comes to women? >> i think there's a little bit more fear in women because i don't think it comes naturally to them. that's what we always teach all
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of our siel lists that work -- stylists that work for us. every day do something for your business. that's how you achieve that goal. it's that willingness to learn is what gets you through it. >> keep plugging every day. you ladies have an event tonight. tell bus that. >> sure. tonight we are going out and we're meeting with a lot of the women who sell for us. there are stylists has monica said. many guests are coming. we're there to tell our story about how we starred our business and share the opportunity. our mission is to really teach other women how to do what we've done and how they can earn extra income doing what we do, whether it be part time income or full-time income. >> we just showed that information on the screen. it's in dumfries, virginia tonight. we'll put it on the web as well. thank you for coming. i'll just take this one. >> it looks good on you. >> over to you guys. >> i think this goes with my outfit. >> it certainly does.
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looks very nice. the forecast looks wonderful. here's howard to get us started. >> crisp and cool this morning. sun will be out in a few minutes. maybe about 45 minutes or so. but it is going to abnice start to the day. -- to be a nice start to the day. we have a patch of fog northwest of d.c. otherwise just grab a jacket. temps in the 40s and 50s. your sunrise 7:04. day planner calling for some sun this morning but clouds thicken this afternoon. maybe a stray shower or two south and southwest of town before the day is out. by 3:00 6 -9d. our high this afternoon only -- 69. our high this afternoon only about 72. another 6:00 p.m. 66 degrees with a chance of a couple of showers. fog a concern up north. look at frederick a half-mile visibility. still a quarter mile in the northern shenandoah valley from martinsburg up toward hagerstown hagerstown. late this afternoon some of this rain you see along i-81
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from bristol over toward almost roanoke right now, that could be creeping up, especially into some of our southern suburbs. this morning fairfax is at 48 degrees. down to 42 in northern loudoun county and lovettsville. 52 over at andrews, bowie, laurel at 49. 48 in bethesda. as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, here's a cool start. starting to see a little bit of light in the eastern sky with temperatures this morning running in the middle 50s under mainly clear skies at reagan national. winds calm and the humidity at 77%. storm system getting itself organized here down in the south. low pressure spinning in mississippi. showers and even storms roll on through western florida this morning. the rain is up into tennessee and george and south carolina. this storm system is going to track just west of us. we're going to be on the warm side of things. that's why temperatures along the rain chances go up. in fact, tomorrow and wednesday don't be surprised if a few spots get into the 80-degree
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mark, even 8 oz on wednesday -- 80s on wednesday. better chances of rain late tonight into tuesday. some of the rain tomorrow could even be heavy at times. any showers or storms that pop. 72 today. late shower possible. tonight a few showers. 62, 64 for d.c. some 50s in the suburbs. not as chilly. tomorrow warmer, 80. but numerous showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. a yellow alert sort of day tomorrow because the outdoor plans will be impacted. wednesday a late shower in the afternoon, 84. still pretty nice thursday and friday. temps upper 70s to around 80. let's find out what's happening with the commute. tieup for 270 drivers has been the northbound crash, northbound at 109 and hyattstown tying up the right side of the roadway. can still see the flashing lights on the left side of the screen. southbound delays getting down from 85 take you pasted scene. some of the response -- past the scene. some of the response came in
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the southbound lane. next stop is 395 where you are stop and go coming up from edsall road. a crash north of duke street was moved on to the right shoulder but also debris along the left side complicates things. northbound 395 make it is a struggle to squeeze up through there. beyond the 14th street bridge past washington boulevard has been good. 66 eastbound volume delays have been getting through manassas, getting through centreville. heavy volume as you head in past fair oaks and then the lineup getting through falls church. here's a shot of 234 manassas. not too bad. volume delays but no accidents. northwest westbound is blocked at blair road with a tree and wires down. next timesaver traffic at 6:25. back to you. >> beverly, thank you. our time 16:18. next in sports the os clinch a spot in the playoffs but learn why their celebration got just a little scary. >> before we head to break another check of the question of the morning. here it is. according to parents magazine,
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dads are much faster than moms at doing which one of these things? is it a, changing diapers, b, making school lunches or c, putting a newborn to sleep. >> facebook friend jewel says it's c. my husband is in the process of putting our new boorn to sleep right now. -- newborn to sleep right now. >> and you're on facebook. who knew. we appreciate you, jewel. we'll have the answer in about half an hour. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. howard here with your weather first on this monday morning. hello, october. it's crisp outside. temps in the 40s and 50s this morning. but no real weather problems except for some patchy fog north of d.c. here's a look at the day planner. we're going to see some sunshine this morning but the clouds will start to thicken up i believe by midday, especially southern suburbs. by 1:00 69 degrees. we can see spotty showers this afternoon. highs upper 60s to low 70s.
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mike and andrea? >> all right, skins fans. your team is 2-2. hopefully you didn't throw too many things at the tv yesterday. >> probably a lot of expletives though. the skins were up 21-3 on the buccaneers at one point sunday but then tampa rallied to score 19 unanswered points. no problem for rg3 even though he had a helmet headset on the fritz. he marched the sciens down field and -- skins down field and put them in a position to win. fourth time proved to be the charm hitting a 41-yard field goal for the kings. the -- for the skins. after the game both coach shanahan and cundiff himself talked about whether cundiff will have a job here next sunday. >> i was really pleased with him to miss three field goals and still keep his focus and come back and make that game winner. >> it's tough for a kicker to maintain a job when you miss
6:24 am
three in game. it's the nature of the business. the big thing is to try to put your best effort forward the next kick. >> they still may be looking for somebody else. the redskins howe the until defeated -- host the undefeated dirty birds. atlanta beat carolina yesterday on the last sekd field goal. guess who i will be rooting for next week. >> i know you do not like them but they look really good. those dirty birds. to baseball. the nationals are home tonight. they begin their final series of the regular season with a win against the phillies the nats will clinch the nl east. they could also win the division if the braves lose to the pirates. the nats had a chance to win the division yesterday in st. louis but ross detwiler did not do so well in his first major league start in his home state. he didn't make it out of the 3rd. he allowed seven runs. nationals lose to the cards 10- 4. baltimore orioles have secured their first trip to the playoffs since 1997.
6:25 am
jim tome had a pair of rbi singles on the day. joe saunders pitched into the 8th. the orioles sweep the series. the angels lost last night which means the os will at least win a wild card spot. it also means the yankees and rangers are also in the playoffs. the orioles charter plane had to make an emergency landing in jacksonville, florida last night because there was smoke in the kitchen of the plane. no one was hurt. the os and rays begin their series tonight. >> our time is 6:25. still to come, new driving laws take effect today in maryland. what you need to know. >> the price you pay for meat is going to take a big jump next year. beverly has a quick check of the commute. >> you needed to know if you're headed out. 395 slower than normal coming up from the beltway north to duke street to seminary road. on the right shoulder has become the folk cal point of delay -- focal point of delays. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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thank as lot for starting your day with us this monday morning. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is here with our forecast. >> a decent start to the day. october 1. we've got a crisp morning out there. really pretty shot. check out the sky. this is cool. the clouds that are being lit
6:30 am
here. sunrise still about 35 minutes away. got a few high clouds there giving us a very pretty sky. temperatures will be in the upper 60s by noon with more clouds coming in from the south. late this afternoon into the evening, we may just see a shower or two here and there as some moisture starts to head our way. yesterday we had the showers late in the afternoon, the evening. they're gone. here's the moisture i'm talking about for later in southern virginia now, coming out of tennessee, into southern kentucky. temps are certainly on the chilly side. grab a jacket. low to mid-40s in many ever the suburbs. we're 55 in washington. 57 our warm spot on the bay in annapolis. easton 51. fog has been a problem north of town. fred rig down to a half mile. hagerstown to martinsburg quarter mile. they're under a dense fog advisory till 10:00 this morning. monika is off but beverly farmer is watching the roads us for. give me a second. we'll get to beverly in a second. want to show you the dense fog advisory 10:00 a.m. frederick west and winchester north. these areas are going to be
6:31 am
looking at visibilities potentially a quarter mile or less here for another few hours. some of the fog has moved into areas in montgomery county and howard county into loudoun. rural areas away from town, especially that got the shows, they're looking at that fog this morning. later this afternoon, look at highs. we may hold in the upper 60s in a few spots to the low 70s elsewhere. it is 6:31. we're dealing with temperatures today which are going to be going into the 70s. the low 70s this afternoon. quick look at our three-day forecast. yellow alert for tuesday. showers tomorrow. they're going to be rather numerous here. temperature tomorrow after starting in the 50s and 60s, we get to 80. maybe a little bit of thunder and by wednesday 84 degrees. mike and andrea, over to you. >> thank you, howard. happening today, occupy protesters are marking the first anniversary of those protests. they plan to make things a mass along k street today. >> kristin fisher is live at farragut square where things kick off at the top of the
6:32 am
hour. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. the first occupy protesters should be arriving here in farragut square over the next half hour or so. you know, on the website they say that their goal is not to disrupt traffic but at the same time throughout the weekend, we've been circulating this map online that really highlights all of the main arteries that they're going to be trying to protest and mess up the traffic during these morning protests. so no protesters here just yet but of course you know they're coming, especially when overnight, take a look at this picture they posted on twitter showing one occupy protester putting the finishing touches on a sign that's going to be used in this morning's protest. these protests are all designed to mark the one-year anniversary of occupy d.c. the movement started on wall street but made its way down to washington. protesters camped out in mcpherson square and freedom plaza for over four months before finally getting kicked out by u.s. park police.
6:33 am
now we can expect to see them back for what they're calling a week of resist assistance starting with these two -- resistance starting with these two protests on k street. one will start at 11:30 this morning trying to catch the lunch crowd and then shut down k street is going to be starting here sometime after 7:00 a.m. right in the middle ever the morning rush. -- of the morning rush. they'll be targeting about 30 different banks, businesses and government agencies all along k street. goldman sachs, the imf, american bankers association, justice department. so they have a lot of places they want to hit during the protests. the big question of course is how many protesters are there going to be and how much is going to impact traffic. some good news is that d.c. police and u.s. park police have been made very aware of these protests so it's no surprise to them it's just a big question of, you know, how many people are going to be here and how many traffic issues is this going to cause. we're just going to have to
6:34 am
wait and see. the first protesters expecting to show up in about half an hour. back to you. >> kristin fisher live at glare future square in northwest washington this morning. the new term for the supreme court begins this morning. six of the justices attended the traditional red mass sunday at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle in northwest. the first big case on the docket is next week over affirmative action at the university of texas. the court also may take up issues such as voter i.d. laws and same-sex marriage. more charges are pending against the suspected drunk driver involved in a fiery crash recently. two police officers were among six people hurt in this crash on georgia avenue in northwest. investigators say the driver slammed into a car with two people inside. this was around 4:00 yesterday morning. they suffered third-degree burns from this. the officers were burned trying to free the victims. before you hit the road this morning, you should know there are some new driving laws in effect in maryland.
6:35 am
all children under the age of 8 must sit in a child booster seat in the car. it doesn't matter how much they weigh. children taller than 4 foot 9 are except from this. you are now required by law to treat a dark traffic light as a stop sign which will be key in the next round of power outages which you know will come this winter at some point. if you don't stop, you could get ticketed by police for that. it 16:45. jessica doyle is watching -- it is 6:45. jessica doyle is watching your grocery bill. >> cut that meat. the cost is going up. >> maybe we want to go to a vegetarian lifestyle. the drought has been pushing up grain and feed prices so as a result farmers sent a higher than unusual number of animals to slaughter next month. that means the price of meat will likely rise next year. some farmers are already charging more. this long time meat man with a shop on p in northwest says consumers will have to pay more or get used to new cuts.
6:36 am
>> what happened in the last increase is people went from eating a lot of primals to new york strips, the porterhouses. they went to eating secondary cuts. >> got to love bacon. bacon is still in danger here. one farming forecaster says prices will set records in 2013. beef prices could rise 6%. pork products, maybe as much as 30% around the world. a big recall to tell you about this morning. g.m. has issued a recall for 40,000 cars and suvs because of a faulty fuel pump. the recall affects these models. the 2007 through 2009 chevy cobalt, 2007 chevy equinox, 2007 to 2009 participant job g5, -- pontiac g5. g.m. says the fuel pumps in the vehicles can crack and potentially cause a dangerous fuel leak. apple has come out with a fix to its brand new operating
6:37 am
system. it's only been out on the market for two weeks. the web has been burning up with complaints from consumers having trouble logging on to wi- fi networks or reporting slow wi-fi connections. yesterday the company release add fix for a bug that allows some devices on verizon wireness network -- wireless network. >> i've had lots of connection problems with my new iphone. >> maybe wait till the next model comes out. >> if you have a choice, don't download ios of. if you're on 5, stay with 5 till they work out all the problems. it 16:37. today -- it is 6:37. today is the start of breast cancer awareness month. in nine minutes we meet two local women reaching out to washington's black communities to make sure women are getting the care they need. >> howard says it's going to be a sunny start to the day. clouds and showers probably
6:38 am
moving in later. you can expect the temperature around 70. when we get back to the 80s, he will let you know coming up. too many americans are struggling to find work
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welcome back to 9 news now. it's 6:42. we're 55 degrees and we're checking out your ride. i'm beverly farmer in for monika this morning. 270 southbound delays leaving 85 to take you into hyattstown, the far left of the screen you see the northbound crash at 10 the that's -- 109 that's been an added distraction. if you're making your way in on 66, the volume delays forming in manassas, getting into are inville and fair oaks, vienna, no accidents to report but it's a slow ride past business 234 into the rest area. more heavy traffic in falls church is starting to ease with the hov rules kicking in.
6:43 am
delays into woodbridge, springfield, 395. distraction for northbound travelers was the crash north of duke street. it was off the road to the right and northbound 395 is still that focal point of delays. after that brief delays up to the 14th street bridge. mike, back to you. >> we'll see you around 6:58. weather time, cold this morning. >> chilly out there. temps down to the low to mid- 40s in many of the suburbs. got some fog we're dealing with. warmer days tomorrow and wednesday and some rain that will get here tomorrow. we always need rain so if we can get it in the middle of the week opposed to the weekend, it works out for most people in a good way. this morning patchy fog. grab a jacket. we are running still about 7 inch also below normal since january 1 although we did have a slightly above average september. 40s and 50s this morning with partly sunny skies. we are going to see more clouds as the day wears o. by lunch time we may be mostly cloudy.
6:44 am
north of town potentially the sun will hang out longer. as we head toward the afternoon, that's when we could get a spotty shower or two. high around 72 with the 4:00 temperature of 68. this evening back in the mid- 60s by 8:00 p.m. so going out toward the nats game, they have a 7:05 start with the phillies, temperatures in the mid-60s. visibility half mile in frederick. quarter mile the shenandoah valley. out in the mountains as well. it's these areas north and west that are under a dense fog advisory till 10:00 this morning. rain is trying to come in our way but that's really going to take some time. the stuff you see down to the south is moving much more east than north. a real slow drift north. if it gets here, well, it will be just in the form of a few showers late this afternoon. looks like it will arrive in more ernest really tonight into tuesday. temps this morning low 40s. winchester 43. baltimore is 50. pax river 56.
6:45 am
i think we've got managers of the year both the nationals and the orioles there. great jobs those guys have done with their clubs. outside on our michael & son weather camera, here we are about 20 minutes before the sunrise with a temperature of 55 degrees at reagan national. calm winds, humidity 77%. storm system that we're watching is going to get us tomorrow is down here gathering some moisture out in the gulf of mexico. you see the rain into tennessee and alabama this morning and western florida. that's why tomorrow will be a wet day. ho and off showers and a couple of storms. potentially a heavy downpour or two. 72, mild today. after the chilly start. tonight back in the 50s to low 60s. tomorrow about 80 for the high with numerous showers. maybe some thunder mixed in. yellow alert day tuesday. your plans will be impacted outside. wednesday 84 with an isolated shower and pretty nice thursday and friday. andrea? >> thanks, howard. our time is 6:45. october is breast cancer awareness month. my guests are reaching out to the district's black
6:46 am
communities to empower women to take care of their health. joining me is newly diagnosed breast cancer patient natalie williams and karla williams, ph.d. thank you both for being here with us. with natalie, a return to tv9, you were one of our former producers in the morning. good to see you again. newly diagnosed. when and how did you find your cancer? >> it's been about a month and a half now. i scheduled an appointment over a year ago, was a no show for my first appointment. rescheduled and had to cancel it. i was running for office at the time. just decided to circle back. my mom said did you ever go and get your mammogram. so i said let me go and do this. >> your mom was your buddy. >> she was my buddy. it was my first ever mammogram. i went and the tests came back abnormal. we followed that with a biopsy,
6:47 am
sonogram, bsmi and as a result of all those things, the results were certain that i had a cancerous tumor in the left breast and now tomorrow is my surgery. >> amazing. we talk about early detection because it gives you options. you have chosen to have a double prove rackettic mass -- prove lack tick mass sect my. why do that and go public about something so personal. >> i decided to do double because i didn't want to have those worries down the road. that was the initial reason. i just got word about three days ago that they are seeing some of the same signs in the right breast that they see in the left breast but either way, i decided that i was going to do the double mass sect my -- mastectomy. in terms of why go public, looking beyond myself and
6:48 am
seeing the high numbers of caucasians who are diagnosed, more likely to get cancer but the african-americans are die at higher rates. >> you are training women to go out to their neighbors in ward 7 and 8. with all the information we have, even among educated women, women with insurance, why are we still having such a difficult time of getting women to get mammograms. >> there are a lot of women like natalie who are very busy. i was one of them myself. we don't take the time to take care of ourselves. so having that close friend or family member who will say to us, did you get checked, did you get the mammogram done. and if they're afraid, having someone to go and just hold their hand. having that social support to make it happen. also, there's a lot of fear and there are still misconceptions out there. we try to erase though myths and arm women with information. >> what's the biggest misconception. >> a lot of women speak about
6:49 am
the pain. they think the mammogram is going to be very painful and they're afraid of it in some instances. and so we try to dispel that myth and to provide women with the support that they need be it a phone call or a friend or a family member to actually go with them and be that extra support system. >> and talking about the importance of screening, a new research has found that you can bridge the disparity gap by having regular mammograms, not just mammograms that will find something at the later stage but encouraging women to do it on a regular basis and keeping up. it could even reduce the numbers of triple negative in black women which tends to be more aggressive and that's important information. >> right. so we try to get information to women in our training for our ambassadors who are women that go out and try to get their friends and families to get screened. we talk with them about family history. we talk with them about the importance of early detection and we talk with them about the
6:50 am
difference between early detection and actual screening where you go into the doctor when there's no symptoms and we try to get that message out. >> i know you're still looking for women ambassadors to reach out to women in ward 7 and 8 and women in general need to know the importance of screening. we do have a link to a piece of women and ambassadors on our buddy check facebook page. we want you to keep natalie in your prayers. she's having surgery tomorrow at gw. best of luck. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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here's a check ever the news before you go. sniper shooting gunman lee boyd malvo said he fet like, -- felt like, worst, the -- quote, the
6:54 am
worst piece of scum on the planet. the deadly shooting in our region started ten years ago tomorrow. malvo is serving a life sentence in virginia. the man police arrested after a standoff in alexandria is due back in court. 44-year-old john watson was arrested after several hours friday at the bell haven marina. no one was hurt in the incident. billy cundiff lucky to have a job. he missed three field goals for the redskins sunday but hit the one that counted. the game winner when time expired. skins beat the bucs 24-23. we want to get an answer to the question of the morning. it was according to parents magazine dads are much faster than moms doing which one of these three things. a, changing diapers, b, making school lunches or c, putting a newborn to sleep. >> it may be on backwards but a, changing diapers. one more check of traffic and weather next on 9news now.
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[ darius' mother ] i remember as a toddler, when darius started walking, there was no stopping him. he actually would run from us and we always had to catch him. and then, at four years old, the sports started, and he never stopped. once he started, he never stopped. ♪ ♪
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to be told that your son probably would have to stop playing sports forever, was just heartbreaking. we make medical devices that enable physicians to make an accurate assessment of the patient's condition and potentially save their lives. [ darius' mother ] with monitoring, he is allowed to play baseball. because of the test that he had, he's here today. now darius can live a long healthy life. [ team cheering ]
6:58 am
let's start on the positive. he won the game. >> billy cundiff-- >> he was having a bad day. shanahan said it right. he held it together. >> they were ahead 21-3. who was really losing the game for them? >> wasn't cundiff. >> wasn't cundiff. come on. way to go, billy. weather wise, let's be positive because we're going to start on a good note, even though the clouds are going to roll in. we're dry this morning. a little fog north and west, 72. much needed rain tomorrow. we'll warm up to 80. wednesday looks great, 84. maybe just a shower in the afternoon. nice thursday and friday. highs upper 70s to around 80. beverly? we've got to positive on 95 and 395. it's been a struggle out of
6:59 am
newington and springfield past this long-standing accident on the shoulder. the whole time it's been on the shoulder north of landmark 395 but absolutely the focal point of delays. eastbound 66 separate delays in manassas and centreville. lineup from fair lakes past 50 fair oaks to get toward the vienna metro. all lanes are open on that ride. now problem for maryland beltway drivers. vehicle fire, outer loop of the beltway in greenbelt, kennel worth avenue initially with the right side blocked before route 1. see the flashing lights on the left side? delays back out of greenbelt. inner loop slows to look too coming out of college park. cbs this morning is next with more on the upcoming presidential debate. and arnold schwarzenegger breaks his silence about his extramarital affair. >> i'll be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on weather. download our free weather app for your smartphone to follow us on the go. >> it's the coolest app going. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day,


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